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my work animation Instagram feed 
pest control ad

I storyboarded an animated commercial set to be release. later this year.

The third floor inc
trainee program 2022

Previs artist training program

I Created sequences of shots from storyboards and vehicle action sequences. under the supervision of the lead previs artists. all work under NDA. 

Hi From the Future studios
feature film animation work 

I Animated 3900 frames of Character Performance and lip-sync 3D animation for a Feature Film Project. Currently under NDA. 

senior thesis film (2020)

The video is currently Private. Until further notice.

GUFF Laurel.png

synopsis- worn-out worker robot discovers a lost record, that gives his mundane life a new meaning.​

"Spark" is Sci-Fi Dark Comedy by myself and my partner Character TD and 3D Generalist Matthew Colglazier. 

      I am in charge of Animation, Camera animation, Previs, directing, story, and concept. I was involved in lighting and look development. My partner Matt was in charge of Modeling, Texturing Rigging, lighting

**2020 SoCal Diamond Short Award Winner** 

You can see our progress and art on Instagram under


the film
Shot Breakdown
Past collaborative work
wound up (2020) by Julia Sherbin
Goblincillo (2019) by esteban Garces
shot break down
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